VELEC Coin Counters

VELEC Systems coin counters count, verify and bag coins or blanks.


The VELEC MT300, with a counting speed up to 3800 pieces/min for a diameter of 15mm, saves time for banks and small businesses that need to count, verify or bag coins or tokens.

Compact and robust, they can be used anywhere you need them.


Our VELEC MT450 coin counter is one of our fastest machine.

If you search a coin counter which can count up to 6500 coins/min, with a semi-automatic operation, it is the one which respond to your needs. This machine goes fast, with minimum human need.


Ideal for series production with batching of collector coins, the MT600 is our fastest manual counting, checking and bagging machine. It can count up to 6000 coins/min for round coins of 15mm.

It allows you to make your adjustments manually between your different series without losing the performance of our fastest machines.


The VELEC SB600 is by far the fastest, the most robust machine and the most accurate on the market. This performance is the result of an engineering work associated with years of experience in blanks and coins counting in the most hostile environments.

 it can count up to 6500 coins/minute for round coins of 14 mm and over 3500 coins/min for all sizes up to 28 mm.

Our coin counters

High speed distribution and counting.

VELEC SYSTEMS circulation coin counting machines are designed and developed to align at high speed a bulk of disordered coins into a continuous ordered flow. Their principles are based on centrifugal force, which makes them versatile, robust and easy to use.

Adaptable to all types of coins.

Circulation coin counting machines are most often installed upstream of your primary packaging system, your vertical bagger.
Depending on your application, the products are then distributed, counted and batched in plastic bags (70 to 250 microns) or fabric bags. These bags can then be placed in wooden or cardboard boxes. Also, a weigher can be installed to re-check your bags, and then a palletizing robot.

Adapted ergonomics with a small footprint.

Square meters are expensive and the available space is often limited. Circulation coin counting machines respond perfectly to this constraint since they fit into the smallest of spaces.
The machines and the entire line remain at ground level, which guarantees ease of use, supervision and maintenance.

Robust and tailor-made machines to maximize your lines efficiency.

Robustness being the first criterion of acceptability of a machine in the production of coins, the design of our machines is purified to the maximum with robust parts meeting the specifications.

And since each customer is unique, we are happy to study their needs down to the last detail to adapt the machine to their own requirements and maximize their performance.

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