Packaging machine for cardboard

Cartoning machine for the packaging of collector coins

  • For high-quality products
  • Carefully and qualitatively perfect packaging
  • Quick format change due to exchangeable parts
  • With backbone folding
  • Reliable, proventechnology

Products and packaging

Set of coins

Cheque card

Credit card

The cartoning machine is equiped with two magazines, one to take up the cardboards and one for the plastics blisters with coins. Depending on the product, the magazine can easily be changed, therefore a great autonomy can be reatched.

The procedure of the packaging is made by the following steps:

1. In the first step, one cardboard is being picked up from the magazine and pre-folded

2. In the second station, one blister with coins is being picked up from the magazine and placed into the cardboard in one step

3. During the movement to the next station, one flap of the cardboard will be folded

4. In the third station, the folded flap will be pressed against the opposite flap

5. During the last movement, the cover flap is being folded

6. In the fourth station, the folded cardboard is piled into the magazine for the picking-up

Speed: 20 cardboards per minute

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