Automatic packaging machine to pack collector coins into capsules

A compact and flexible Machine

  • Compact and saved space construction, operator-friendly
  • Reliable, experienced technology
  • careful handling also for proof quality coins
  • Quick changing of format
  • With automatic feeding unit from Gräbener trays (Option)

Products and packaging

Bottoms ans tops external: Ø21mm to Ø47mm

Collector coins and medals: Ø16mm to Ø42mm

Machine layout

1. Unit for the automatic feeding of coins directly from Gräbener trays (Option)

2. Conveyor to the round table

3. Magazines for bottoms and tops of capsules

4. Transport system with vacuum lift for coins, bottoms and tops of capsules

5. Round table

6. Magazine for piling the filled capsules

Packaging procedure steps

    • A conveyor is feeding the round table with coins.
    • The magazines are dispensing one bottom and one top of capsule.
    • By means of a vacuum lift the coin, the bottom as well as the top of the
      capsule are inserted in the round table.
    • After each filling procedure the round table is cycling one step further.
    • In the fourth position the top is pressed additionally.
    • In the fifth position the filled and closed capsules are piled automatically in
      a magazine.
    • In the stacking unit the Gräbener trays are separated and positioned for
      the taking up of coins. A conveyor is bringing the coins to the feeding
          conveyor (Option).

    Output: 1000 capsules / hour

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