Coin packaging lines


Velec Systems has designed for you coin packaging lines that will maximize your production, and this through high-performance machines and fully automated packaging system.

Our lines assure the follow and the good functioning of the coin packing process thanks to data monitoring systems.

All coin packing system step has its importance, its characteristics and differents packings. All of our coin packing lines are fully automated and provide you the best coin packing process.

Each machine responds to a specific need, from the precise counting to the wrapping, passing by the bag weighing and labelling.


We offer you a high-speed industrial line thanks to several high-performance machines that will help accelerate your coins process.

Thanks to their robustness our machines insure you a foolproof productivity, speedness and usability.



Velec Systems provides you a user friendly supervision to help you win time and manage your line process from anywhere.

You will also be able to store your coin packaging line datas through a Data Monitoring System, easily searchable et usable.

Our lines puts at your disposal several configuration modes that will simplify the packing according to your needs, they responds to different operating modes , it is up to you to choose whiche one suits the most the packing mode you want.

Plastic bag packaging line

  • Speed : up to 45 bags (for 100mm bag lentgth)
  • Coil maximum width 600mm
  • Bag width range: 70mm to 235mm (pillow bags)
  • Bag length range: 60mm to 280mm
  • Coil thickness range 60 μm to (250 μm have to be tested before approval)
  • Capacity program over 100 items

shrink film packaging line

  • Pieces from 15 to 33
  • Roll length from to 33 to 106 mm
  • Rate up to 175 rolls per minute
  • Maximum products weights : 15kg
  • Minimum products weights : –
  • Usable shrink style : polyolefin, polyethylene, dosed


carton boxe packaging line

  • Chain conveyor with adjustable side guides
  • Station to turn cartons by 90°
  • Different carton packagings
  • Hot melt unit with glue application head with two nozzles and heated nose
  • Running time : no limite
  • Security : full line toward European rules
  • Minimal/maximum product height rolls:
    diameter: 16 – 30 mm
    length: 65 – 120 mm
  • Carton dimensions
    min :Lo 100 x La 100 x H 75 mm
    max :Lo 300 x La 300 x H 140 mm
  • Max weight per carton boxes: 25 kg
  • Speedness
    Up to 120 rolls/min for a line equipped with 4 Glory or Laurel

cotton bag packaging line

  • Up to 8 bags per minute
  • 0 dead time running time
  • 2 simultanated recipes
  • Double snitching (security)
  • Bags camera control
  • Eco-responsible line

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